Most Ghanaians agree that there is too much corruption, bribery and nepotism because of lack of transparency of official actions and records, and lack of freedom (power) by individuals, media and other organizations to request information on government expenditures and to receive that information in a timely, accurate, and complete manner. At bottom of this deficiency is failure of government to empower people to know and understand governance, as is only possible though a strong Right To Information law.

Fundamentally, RTI will contribute to public understanding of the operations and activities of the government. RTI will promote citizenship; it will support public education, responsible socio-cultural and physical development, and it will definitely increases public trust in government agencies and officials.

Can someone tell me why some parliamentarians, especially KT Hammond is so against the RTI? What strange underhand dealings is he and his colleagues engaged in that they wouldn’t want full disclosure on?

It’s interesting to note that in October 2016, when the then Attorney General went to parliament to have the RTI Bill that had been laid before parliament for reading and consideration, withdrawn, some of these same NPP legislators who don’t want RTI to see the light of day now, made us believe that the then government was against passing the RTI into law.

We are watching and closely too





Just before you part ways with her, you spread kisses across her neck and under her chin, up to her cheeks, kissing a line to her mouth. Your lips met hers. She trembles a little

The feeling that you both could be caught in the act even makes this very moment much more exciting

You grab her waist, lift her up slightly and pin her against the wall.

She wraps her legs around your waist as you jam your erection between her thighs and shove your tongue inside her willing mouth. You direct her hands down to your lil man and she holds on to him gently

Your fingers find her nipples and they are hard, pointed and ready to be sucked and so you do just that….and damn you love it

You know you’ve lost your motherfucking mind. You think to yourself ‘maybe none of this should be happening’ But there it is…happening and it’s just too good to be stopped. Like they say, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ but this isn’t the road to hell and this road has a double portion of good intentions paved on it and you sure just bought yourself a one-way ticket coz you aren’t turning back

Are we serious about dealing with Rape? 

If we are really serious about putting an end to rape and sexual harassment, it’s high time we began having some conversations around the way some boys and men are socialized to affirm their masculinity through their penises, let’s talk about how sex is framed as something done to women as opposed to with women and let’s also discuss the sexual molestation of young boys by some women. 

The measures by which society goes through to absolve rapists make victims have to stay silent and endure their pain with no hope for justice.

Say No To Tribal Bigotry

It’s high time we understand that tribal bigotry has a tendency, more often than not, of creating two villains. In the end, it’s not possible to distinguish between the victim and the villain.

We tend to respond in kind to bigotry instead of reasoning, we become defensive. And in retaliation, we apply the same bigotry used against us.

Instead of seeing an attack as committed by one misguided individual, we take the wrong and blame an entire people from whom the individual belongs. 

When we take a wrong done by an individual and blame it on his tribe, we affirm what is wrong as right, and make it impossible to stop this vicious cycle.

He’s Gay and You Are A Hypocrite

I am amazed at the rattling speed at which some Ghanaians are throwing salvos at KKD for saying he loves his son who is gay. 

What do you expect? Must he hate his son for being gay? Do you hate your church members who fornicate, steal, lie, take and give bribes? Are those not sins too? I think our hypocrisy is bigger than KKDs love for his gay son.

We have lived with this stinking hypocrisy for far too long. Do men of God not admonish us to go to the prisons to show love and preach unto convicted criminals to get them converted? Do Ghanaians not quickly (like a parrot that has eaten pepper) come to the defense of the very politicians duping and milking the future of our country dry? Oh please. One’s sexual orientation should not be used as a reason to despise him/her.

I have come to the realisation that for some Ghanaian Christians sin means especially sexual sins (eg. fornication/adultery and now homosexuality),  stealing etc.

But it is surprising how we do not see that God is not a fool to have given this country all the enviable human and natural resources that we have buried and we go round begging for loans and aids from the Western world. Also God is not a fool not to have created dirt. His commandment to the Ghanaian Christian is “till the earth” but we have changed that to dirty the earth, the reason why Accra, Kumasi etc are so filthy and stinking. But because our bodies are the temple of God and not the surroundings of our bodies we care less. How many times haven’t we Christians gone to work only to be engaged with social media and not work or leave the office before closing time yet claim payment for the work not done forgetting that a hand that does not work must not eat? There are countless examples that show that we have been operating on a false balance as Christians and that is an abomination unto God.

It is our responsibility to make disciples of the world and not condemn anybody. Our light must shine to overcome all these ills in our country. If biblical teachings are contrary to gay practices for example and these practices are ongoing, one thing we cannot overlook is that we Christians have failed in letting our light shine to those we think are living contrary to our teachings.

You are no better than the homosexual you claim is engaging in an abomination if your life isn’t a blameless and sinless one. Stop the hypocrisy! 

Nana Yaw Obiri Yeboah – Event and Content Mogul with a Royal Finesse 

Many times you expect someone immediately after school to travel to the USA and Europe of these world for greener pastures immediately after university considering  his family backgrlund and not to mention quitting their good paying jobs for, with all due respect, lesser developed country Zambia compared to his original country, Ghana particularly in what he decided to start and achieve with the brand Platinum Events Productions Africa, which started with first ever CSR AND JOB FAIR in Ghana with its first event in association with Ghana’s premier radio brand, CITI FM in 2017.
Fast forward as a close colleague to this gentleman who left the shores of Ghana to southern Africa, it is clear together with a Zambian partner the acquisition of the television license which is under a brand name he built around the association with CHANNEL O has come to stay called MOZO TV 

He decided to create and build the Ghana reciprocate of 4syte TV or Rhythmz of our then days pioneered and presented by ace t.v. host, Chris Attoh.

The MOZO brand which was launched in Zambia in May 2014 under parent company Platinum Events Productions Africa was the first brand from Zambia to cover the last edition of Channel O Africa Music Video Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Himself and his team had refused a 3.5 million dollar loan facility to start up the television network MOZO T.V. but rather to go in for a warm angel investor and commence with a formidable less risky capital to awe Zambia television lovers.

Hopefully before the year ends, MOZO TV should be “lit” in Zambia and airing across neighbouring countries with one of Simon Cowell’s franchise reality shows brands spearheading the coup detat.

Platinum Events Production Africa last year 2016 embarked on a life saving exercise to manage and produce the national premier pageant Miss Zambia on a huge investment package with a partnered Mobile VAS Company, Mobile Content. Com (MCC) (head office in Ghana) with the aim of rebranding Miss Zambia by introducing the first ever Africa pageant mobile app, Miss Zambia app. This had come at a huge cost but worth the repackaging exercise. 

Nana actually joined MCC in October 2016 and serves as an International Business associate which so far operates in 7 Africa countries.

Platinum Events Productions Africa has gone on to launch the first ever Africa Hip Hop Awards (www.africahiphopawards.com) with direct creation focus from Nana backed by his close partner Larry Oppong Attah with a rumoured undiluted relationship for the start up of the first ever Uganda Music Awards which ended last week in Kampala Uganda with a sponsorship from MCC.

(I think I spotted him and his royal queen to be). 

All in all, I’m proud to say,   his love for Ghana, in the past three years has seen him taken many Ghanaian showbiz personels like John Dumelo, Joey B, Kaakie and others for various performances has just not ended but going beyond to Nigeria to form alliance with the likes of M.I’s Chocolate City, Uganda’s Navio, Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones and his favourite and bossom friend, South Africa’s Hip Hop legend HHP.

With what seems like a busy life schedule, combining his royal duties, family man, MCC worker and founder and operating officer of Platinum Events Production Africa , ideally I should expect more before he turns 30 years.
I’m looking forward to the film written and produced by him, HONEY MOON IS SO EXAGGERATED to be out soon possible as I have anticipated for it for too long. I pray and Hope it comes out before his marriage ceremony takes place with the pretty lady I have being seeing on his timeline recently.

Long live Nana. 

Dear Dad

Dear dad,

Growing up, you made my world and that of my siblings seem easy. Your cover of protection over us was sometimes nauseating but you never failed to make us realise that you loved us. In honor of Fathers’ Day, I would like to celebrate you: a calm and gentle man, a loyal and devoted husband, a loving father, and my very true friend.

I did not enter the world through your body, but I entered the world through your heart. The bond we share is unlike any other connection.

I want to thank you for making me love reading and writing. I wouldn’t have known a better way of dealing with boredom and depression had it not been for the love of reading and writing. Picking a book to read or picking my notepad to write brings me a lot of sanity, and I will forever remain grateful to you.

Thank you for loving my mum all these years and for always reminding us that she is the pillar upon which you’ve come this far in life. Congrats to you both for being married for forty-six (46) years. I hope to beat your record.


Thank you for being my first editor. You will insist I write a review of every book I read and write an article on every trip you took me on, even if it was from Akosombo to the Adomi bridge at Atimpoku. Thank you for taking a special interest in everything I’ve ever written.

Thank you for being my sex education lecturer till this day. You never spare any chance to talk to us about the rights and wrongs of sex. Thank you for getting me my first pack of condoms; condoms that you kept inspecting to see if I’ve used…hahahaha

Nothing could be more important than for you to be there for us as we turned older. You never forgot our birthdays and you still don’t.  Thanks for the gifts when we were younger and the calls now that we’ve left your protective nest. We are forever grateful.

Dad, I love you for an infinite number of reasons. I feel so blessed to have you as my father and I’m thankful for the wonderful life you have given me. Please know that my list of gratitude is endless and continues to grow with each passing day. I love you and will forever love you.


Happy Fathers’ Day!!!!!