Nana Yaw Obiri Yeboah – Event and Content Mogul with a Royal Finesse 

Many times you expect someone immediately after school to travel to the USA and Europe of these world for greener pastures immediately after university considering  his family backgrlund and not to mention quitting their good paying jobs for, with all due respect, lesser developed country Zambia compared to his original country, Ghana particularly in what he decided to start and achieve with the brand Platinum Events Productions Africa, which started with first ever CSR AND JOB FAIR in Ghana with its first event in association with Ghana’s premier radio brand, CITI FM in 2017.
Fast forward as a close colleague to this gentleman who left the shores of Ghana to southern Africa, it is clear together with a Zambian partner the acquisition of the television license which is under a brand name he built around the association with CHANNEL O has come to stay called MOZO TV 

He decided to create and build the Ghana reciprocate of 4syte TV or Rhythmz of our then days pioneered and presented by ace t.v. host, Chris Attoh.

The MOZO brand which was launched in Zambia in May 2014 under parent company Platinum Events Productions Africa was the first brand from Zambia to cover the last edition of Channel O Africa Music Video Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Himself and his team had refused a 3.5 million dollar loan facility to start up the television network MOZO T.V. but rather to go in for a warm angel investor and commence with a formidable less risky capital to awe Zambia television lovers.

Hopefully before the year ends, MOZO TV should be “lit” in Zambia and airing across neighbouring countries with one of Simon Cowell’s franchise reality shows brands spearheading the coup detat.

Platinum Events Production Africa last year 2016 embarked on a life saving exercise to manage and produce the national premier pageant Miss Zambia on a huge investment package with a partnered Mobile VAS Company, Mobile Content. Com (MCC) (head office in Ghana) with the aim of rebranding Miss Zambia by introducing the first ever Africa pageant mobile app, Miss Zambia app. This had come at a huge cost but worth the repackaging exercise. 

Nana actually joined MCC in October 2016 and serves as an International Business associate which so far operates in 7 Africa countries.

Platinum Events Productions Africa has gone on to launch the first ever Africa Hip Hop Awards ( with direct creation focus from Nana backed by his close partner Larry Oppong Attah with a rumoured undiluted relationship for the start up of the first ever Uganda Music Awards which ended last week in Kampala Uganda with a sponsorship from MCC.

(I think I spotted him and his royal queen to be). 

All in all, I’m proud to say,   his love for Ghana, in the past three years has seen him taken many Ghanaian showbiz personels like John Dumelo, Joey B, Kaakie and others for various performances has just not ended but going beyond to Nigeria to form alliance with the likes of M.I’s Chocolate City, Uganda’s Navio, Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones and his favourite and bossom friend, South Africa’s Hip Hop legend HHP.

With what seems like a busy life schedule, combining his royal duties, family man, MCC worker and founder and operating officer of Platinum Events Production Africa , ideally I should expect more before he turns 30 years.
I’m looking forward to the film written and produced by him, HONEY MOON IS SO EXAGGERATED to be out soon possible as I have anticipated for it for too long. I pray and Hope it comes out before his marriage ceremony takes place with the pretty lady I have being seeing on his timeline recently.

Long live Nana. 

Dear Dad

Dear dad,

Growing up, you made my world and that of my siblings seem easy. Your cover of protection over us was sometimes nauseating but you never failed to make us realise that you loved us. In honor of Fathers’ Day, I would like to celebrate you: a calm and gentle man, a loyal and devoted husband, a loving father, and my very true friend.

I did not enter the world through your body, but I entered the world through your heart. The bond we share is unlike any other connection.

I want to thank you for making me love reading and writing. I wouldn’t have known a better way of dealing with boredom and depression had it not been for the love of reading and writing. Picking a book to read or picking my notepad to write brings me a lot of sanity, and I will forever remain grateful to you.

Thank you for loving my mum all these years and for always reminding us that she is the pillar upon which you’ve come this far in life. Congrats to you both for being married for forty-six (46) years. I hope to beat your record.


Thank you for being my first editor. You will insist I write a review of every book I read and write an article on every trip you took me on, even if it was from Akosombo to the Adomi bridge at Atimpoku. Thank you for taking a special interest in everything I’ve ever written.

Thank you for being my sex education lecturer till this day. You never spare any chance to talk to us about the rights and wrongs of sex. Thank you for getting me my first pack of condoms; condoms that you kept inspecting to see if I’ve used…hahahaha

Nothing could be more important than for you to be there for us as we turned older. You never forgot our birthdays and you still don’t.  Thanks for the gifts when we were younger and the calls now that we’ve left your protective nest. We are forever grateful.

Dad, I love you for an infinite number of reasons. I feel so blessed to have you as my father and I’m thankful for the wonderful life you have given me. Please know that my list of gratitude is endless and continues to grow with each passing day. I love you and will forever love you.


Happy Fathers’ Day!!!!!

Selfie + Wefie; Meet the Infinix S2 Smartphone

Infinix has taken the lead in suiting the latest trends in the group of young, stylish consumers in this era selfie photos. With the launch of the Infinix S2 in Ghana, the world’s 1st ever Wefie smartphone, memories captured through the lens of smart phones cameras just got much more better.

The Infinix S2 phone comes with two super cool front cameras, promises users more fun and exciting moments. Other features include a 5.2″ HD display, the 2 front cameras; which has a 135° wide -angle shot for an all new selfie experience, 16GB ROM +2 GB RAM. The S2 come with a 3000mAh battery life and fingerprint, among other interesting and fun features. 1

The launch which came off at the Amphitheatre Grounds of the University of Ghana, Legon on Wednesday 26th of April, 2017 was lightened up with musical performances to entertain the audience who were mostly students and lots of give aways. The S2 is heir to Infinix fans favorite, the HOT S and looks to succeed it in an amazing fashion.

Mr. Kinmo Cai, Country manager of Infinix Ghana in his opening remarks highlighted the successes Infinix has chalked in Ghana and the plans in solidifying the gains with better quality services and introduction of improved mobile phone devices in the Ghanaian market. He was optimistic Infinix is here to stay and compete healthily with other major phone brands.


Speaking to the media after the launch, PRO of Infinix Ghana, Lawrence Akakpo said “The Infinix S2 comes in different colours such as Gold, Rose Gold, Black. Infinix S2 is indeed the definition of stylish”

The Infinix Brand – Quality in a Pack

Infinix, the hard-hitting, envelope-pushing brand has redefined the term ‘cheap-thrills’ with its range of phones on the Ghanaian market. Apart from the very affordable prices, Infinix phones are packed with great functionalities as well.

In this write up I will be looking at three things the Infinix brand offers its users; Design and Aesthetics, Quality of Product and Class association with the brand, and also take a special look at the Infinix Note 3, which for me is a game changer in the smartphone market. 

Design and Aesthetics

We are in an era of competition, and in the Smartphone industry, competition has existed among some best quality-made Smartphones manufactured by some of the most popular brands. Although all the companies are doing their best, users have different brand choices. For instance, I will gladly grab an Infinix Note 3 any day. Infinix Note 3 is one of latest members of the Infinix Note series. As you would expect, Infinix Note 3 is an upgrade to its predecessor Infinix Note 2. The Infinix Note 3 comes with 6″ screen size just like the Note 2, but has a better screen resolution. Note 3 is a full HD device with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and a screen resolution density of 368 ppi. The Infinix Note 3 comes with an upgraded battery capacity of 4,500 mAh, which is the highest battery capacity so far from any Infinix device. Infinix Note 3 comes with a fingerprint scanner with full metal body. 

One brilliant and mind blowing feature of the Note 3 is the remarkable 5 minutes charge function for users. It prides itself as the first ever smartphone with the remarkable 5 minutes charge and that is a huge plus for Infinix as a brand. 

Another beautiful highlight of the Note 3 is that it runs XOS – an Infinix exclusive custom user interface that is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. 
It’s instructive to note that with the Note 3, Infinix also has taken steps to address the overheating complained by users of the other Infinix Mobile devices by adding liquid cooling system to the device. Liquid cooling is not entirely new, other big brands like Samsung have been using liquid cooling on their device. And in case you are wondering, liquid cooling contains no visible liquid. It’s more of a heat pipe that simply removes the residual heat.

It looks and feels like a luxury phone and is very affordably priced. People who critically pay attention to a phone’s design and aesthetics, will find that Infinix phones are the best when it comes to smartphones on the Ghanaian market. 

Quality of Product

A longer battery life, screen resolution and the use of multiple apps in a single time comes to play when the issue of product quality is broached. An Infinix user can get an opportunity to check the battery power when playing games the whole day without connecting the devices to the power. A user will find that the battery of an Infinix mobile device lasts longer than that of most smartphones. As per the comparison between the smartphones on the market, you will find that Infinix is four steps ahead of the others when it comes to battery life, and that is a huge plus in this age of erratic electricity supply to our homes and offices. Then there is the software part of quality. Overall when it comes to hardware quality and user interface, Infinix is in a very comfortable lead. 

Class Association with the brand 

Infinix phones haven’t been on the Ghanaian market for long but its quite popular, and that is because its usage cuts across the lower income class to the middle income class. When it comes to pride though, I tend to believe Infinix phones users are more enthusiastic about their phones as they are normally ready to talk about the advantages their phones have even against phones from top brand names like Samsung, Sony and LG that are trying to sell low and mid budget smartphones too.

The advantages Infinix offers its users are top end specs at very affordable price ranges that the very ordinary Ghanaian can afford. 

Same Script…Different Cast!

With our two eyes, we see many visions; yet there are so many omissions and revisions.
We all have 24 hours, yet some are rich, some are poor.
With desires and ambition, others crave for so much more.
We all are determined to be due for 9 months, yet we all won’t die on the same say in the same way.
We all have same body parts yet some are gaunt, others are big; some have speed, others are slow; whiles some say wow, others scream oh!
Different thoughts, same actions, different results….for the cause will produce effects and defects as you reflect.
It is not about how rich you are today; it’s about how this wealth can be sustained.
It is not about your current stature; it’s about how this stature can be maintained.
If wisdom is too lofty for the fool; we all cannot use the same tool.
What is far fetched?
What is deep necked?
And what is stiff necked?
You don’t have to lose before you start to find; you don’t need the world to show that you can be kind.

It is only the leaven in the dough; a small but mighty substance that steals the show.
Wow! We say when we see how it all turns out in the now.
We can ran but we can’t hide just as until it’s time, we cannot get off the ride.
If all shall pass, then this too shall pass…. Some smother, others show mercy; some curse whiles others bless.

In all our strivings, there is just one end that we all stem from.
The question is how different is my life?
How different have I lived my life?
How different have I lived my different life?

One script, different cast; one world, different people; different people, different destinies.
There is room to sit on the fence; you are either engaged or discharged.
You can take from life or give back to sustain life.
Yes we all can.

The script has a director whose performance indicator is an awesome presence with a great difference.
How mean can you be?
How hateful and revengeful can you scheme?
How worse can it get?
And how deep can you bury yourself in debt?

Think about it……
If it can be played, then it can be stopped; if it is that bad, then it can be that good, and if it is dustily old, it can be squeaky new.
There are lies born out of wiles; don’t wait till it’s too late.
Don’t accept that this is your fate.
Just pause, re-think and enter the existing narrow gate.
There you cannot be late; there you cannot hate; there you will not be able to wait.
The director is on set working; your script is ready for your acting.
One step and that will mark a great difference; one thought and this will stop the cycle and change the negative reference.
It doesn’t have to end bad and sad, when it can good; it doesn’t have to be a tragedy all the time.

Believe me, if it’s your time, then it’s worth your time!

What You Are!

When you looked at me and frowned, I felt like a tree hewn at the roots with an axe.

All of a sudden it all seemed like I’ve been caged in a dark world.

As I worked and toiled under the sun with my carriage, you stretched a hand to lighten my load in this road

I became breathless and speechless at the thought that somebody still cared and would share their life.

When I was accused by many who expected my downfall

And wanted to inspect a sudden turn of events in my life by nightfall

You defended before you listened to their cutting and destructive words

You believed and still had faith in me. That was enough to sustain my gasping for breath in the hands of those Judases in my life’s court.

You reminded me that everybody deserves a second chance before they get exiled to condemnation

When fear gripped my soul that I nearly failed my goal

You fueled my faith when you screamed –go for it, when you rose up from your seat and clapped, when you walk past and tapped my shoulder, when you cheered me on and when you said – you can do it!

I don’t know how you did it, but those timely actions cracked and melted the ice cap over my stature that got ruptured with inspiration just to give my best.

You that wiped a tear,

You that patted someone on the shoulder,

You that said kudos,

You that said thanks,

You that smiled,

You that said it’s OK, and you that said it’s possible –always making life more meaningful

You, I can’t describe but only appreciation and recognition I ascribe,

You, I can’t see but feel and know you always there somewhere in the crowd.

You! You always get me relieved that I still believe in the dream that we can make life better by making a difference

What I’m grateful for!

I’m grateful for being born a Ghanaian. I wouldn’t choose any other country if I had the chance to. Things are its worst at the moment but like every other optimistic Ghanaian, I’m hopeful things will get better.

I am grateful I have watched people walk out of my life, for it has helped me to understand the importance of making the most of what is in front of me, while I have the chance. I am grateful I have watched the same people return, for it has helped me see that nothing is certain, nothing is for sure. Life moves in circles and unruly shapes and patterns; not a straightforward path. Nothing is linear and it never will be.

I’m grateful for the grace of God that keeps me going day in day out. His grace has shown me that living with a grateful heart gives me the opportunity to celebrate the goodness in life and to see goodness in others. It has taught me that living with a grateful heart allows me to share happiness and love. And living with a grateful heart opens the way for more joy and peace to come in.

I’m grateful for the gift of a family that is there with me through thick and thin. They’re people I can confide in. Many people don’t have that kind of family, so I’m grateful. I won’t forget on any given day to tell them how lucky I am to have them.

I’m also grateful for my teachers who had believed in my abilities throughout my young life. Because my teachers believed in me, I never gave up. Now I am flying towards my dreams.


I’m grateful for the gift of sight. Even though I can’t see properly at night, I’m grateful for my eyes. I can at least see and appreciate nature.

I’m grateful for good health. The number of times I’ve had to visit the clinic/hospital this year has been more than a pregnant woman going for ante-natal care but I still have life.

I’m grateful for social media. I can rant as much as I want against people in power and against the ills of society. I get blocked for getting too loud at times but it’s all good.

I’m grateful for good food. I guess I would consider myself a foodie. I love to eat but that really isn’t the reason that I said I was thankful for food. I do wish at times I would make better food choices but I am limiting my sugar better than I was and paying more attention to getting more fruits and vegetables into my body. I don’t mind fighting over Banku and Tilapia or some proper Ghana Jollof. Food is one of the things that we all need and can make choices about and right now I’d better go and have lunch!

I’m grateful for good music. I find music very therapeutic. I’m thankful to have good music to listen to while I am up in the middle of the night when I’m writing or reading.

I’m grateful for the gift of writing. It helps kill the boredom